Highest Waterfall in the World

A waterfall is a feature of nature in which a river or stream falls from a great height over a mountain or between rocks to the ground below. A waterfall is a stream of water that creates a spectacular sight as it cascades down over rocks. There are many waterfalls in the world which add a lot to the natural beauty of the earth. Each waterfall is different in terms of its height and the flow of water flowing into it. Some waterfalls are small and quiet while some waterfalls are very big and have very powerful water flow. So in this article we will see about the world’s highest waterfall.

Highest waterfall in the world
Highest Waterfall in the World

Highest Waterfall in the World

Do you know what is the name of the highest waterfall in the world? The name of the highest waterfall in the world is Angel Falls, which is located in Venezuela. This waterfall is really a great wonder of nature and environment. The height of this Angel Falls is approximately 979 meters (3212 feet). This Angel Falls is considered to be the tallest waterfall in the world and is flowing continuously with a uninterrupted fall of water.

So let’s see some interesting information about this Angel fall which will surprise you.

Height : The total height of Angel Falls is 979 meters and the water falls from 807 meters above the ground.

Location : The Angel Falls the highest waterfall in the world is located at Canaima National Park in Gran Sabana region of Venezuela. This whole Canaima National park is declared as World Heritage site by UNESCO.

Water Source : The Angle falls originates from Auyan-Tepui mountain. This Auyan – Tepui mountain is a top mountain in Venezuelan Highlands.

Discovery : The world’s tallest Angel Falls was discovered in 1933 by American aviator James Crawford Angel. That is why this waterfall is named as Angel Falls.

Indigenous Name : Before James Angell discovered this waterfall, the locals knew about this waterfall and referred to it as “Karepakupai Meru” which means the waterfall that falls from the highest point.

Mist and Rainbows : Due to falling from a great height, the water flow of Angel Falls comes down with great force. Due to the high altitude and the mist created by the wind, many times in the presence of sunlight during the day, a wonderful rainbow is formed. Which adds a lot to the beauty of this waterfall.

Thousands of tourists visit it every year to enjoy the sight of this amazing angel fall. Tourists reach it by flight or by boat. The beauty of this Angel Falls is truly amazing. But getting there is no ordinary task. A lot of strength and physical ability is required to reach this waterfall. After crossing the powerful river flow, smooth rocks and thick trees when reaching this waterfall then one experiences the extreme beauty of nature.

Visiting The World’s highest Angel waterfalls will give you most memorable journey ever. Journey to the Angel Falls will offer you an adventure that you will never forget. Let’s just imagine yourself standing under highest waterfall on the earth and surrounded by Amazonian jungle with the sound of birds singing, the chirping of monkeys, the sound of waterfalls.

How Do You Get To Angel Falls?

Getting to Angel Fall is a bit tricky. You cannot reach there by bus or car as there is no road to reach there. We can reach there by air or by water. You can take a flight from Puetro Ordaz (the main part of the city of Ciudad Guyana in the state of Bolívar ) to the town of Canaima. From there you have to travel by water, the one day boat ride to reach world’s highest falls.

The flight journey from the ciudad to canaima is also an adventurous journey. You arrive in Canaima town by flying over the Amazon jungle in a small plane.

Don’t forget to take enough cash with you. Canaima is a very small village where no ATM facility available. Therefore you have to pay only cash there. Around 300 – 400 $ should be sufficient.

Here are The top 10 highest waterfalls in the world

  1. Angel Falls : As we see above this Angel Fall is located in Venezuela with a highest height of 979 meters.
  2. Tugela Falls : The Tugela Fall is located in Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa with a height of 948 meters.
  3. Victoria Falls : The Victoria Fall is located between Zambia and Zimbabwe with a height of 150 meters.
  4. Iguazu Falls : This Fall is located between Brazil & Argentina with a height of 82 meters.
  5. Niagara Falls : This Niagara Fall is located between United States and Canada with a 57 meters. This fall is not famous for its height but it is famous for amplitude and its 3000 tons of water per second of Fall.
Top 10 Highest Waterfall in the World
What is the deepest waterfall in the world?

The deepest waterfall in the world is Angel Falls located in Canaima National Park in Venezuela with the height of 979 meters or 3212 feet.

Where is Angel Falls?

Angel Falls is located in Gran Sabana region of Venezuela. This falls flows from the Auyan-tepui mountain in Canaima national Park.

What is the nearest city to Angel Falls?

Canaima is the nearest village to the Angel Falls. Canaima is only 50 kilometers away from the Falls. From Canaima you have to take one day boat ride to reach World’s Highest Water Fall.

Is Angel Falls bigger than Niagara Falls?

Yes, The Angel Falls is 15 time higher than the Niagara Falls. The height of Angel Falls is 979 meters where as Niagara Falls is only 52 meter high.

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