What if supermassive black hole facing earth?

May 2016. Nasa Scientists detect a large, mysterious object beyond our solar system. It’s one of NASA’s jobs to help defend Earth from cosmic threats. But if this thing is what some scientists fear, there can be no defense. It could literally be the end of the world. Let’s see what if supermassive black hole facing earth.

What if supermassive black hole facing earth?

What if supermassive black hole facing earth?

Nasa calls the big guns on this one with the Hubble Space Telescope and the Chandra X-ray Observatory. The object is so dark, it’s almost undetectable. However, the readings that do surface indicate one dreadful finding. Although it is a black hole, it is unlike any other black hole we have ever observed.

It’s a hidden star killer just lurking out there in space. Totally under the radar. Furthermore, the planet-destroying ship may be moving towards us. Super powerful, super scary. Black holes are huge, dense masses of matter that deform spacetime.

Normally, they are more easily detected. The gravity is exceptionally strong, so strong that nothing not even light can escape. Anything that falls in this thing is gone forever. What allows us to see black holes is that as other objects come close to black holes, they get torn apart and they form a disk around the black hole called an accretion disk. And that gives off a strong x ray signature that normally tells us, boom, that’s a black hole.

Beyond what we can comprehend, black holes are incredibly powerful. And disturbingly, this one, barely detectable, is sitting in our own galaxy, slowly eating its way through nearby solar systems. What we have here is a black hole that is eating another star and generating X-rays, but it’s savouring its companion star.

It’s slowly eating it and only giving off a weak signature that suggests there could be a lot more out there that we’re not aware of.

Closest black hole to Earth

Finding this black hole that’s so stealthy was kind of a fluke. Unsettlingly, there might be a lot more undiscovered black holes nearby than previously believed. Worse still, black holes are able to move at tremendous speeds, hurtling through space at a mind bending 5 million miles an hour.

It’s possible that there is a black hole moving toward us in space right now. And until it starts affecting you gravitationally, you won’t know that it’s there. If and when we are attacked by a black hole, there will be little warning.

According to astronomers’ calculations, it would take us 800 days to notice it when it was outside of our solar system.

When it enters the Oort Cloud, it could be when we get our first warning.

The Oort Cloud : Region of space in our solar system

On the edges of our solar system is an area of space known as the Oort Cloud. Millions of ice comets, many of which are massive enough to destroy a planet, are scattered across it like a galactic minefield. Any Oort cloud objects that were not directly swallowed by the black hole would be thrown off in various directions, possibly some of them in the direction of the inner solar system and the earth.

If the black hole heads this way for two terrifying years, Earth and its neighboring planets will be bombarded with giant comets. Imagine if there were a rain of comets into the inner solar system. Colliding with Earth and creating enormous damage. Mass extinctions can occur because of this, in fact.

What if supermassive black hole facing earth

The black hole will reach the gas giants of the outer solar system after passing through the comet fields of the Oort Cloud and Kuiper Belt. It will gorge on the planet Jupiter and unleash a fresh nightmare on humanity when it is only three days away from the earth.

But actually got really close to Jupiter or even collided with Jupiter. It can start pulling matter off, giving off hard x rays, hard gamma rays, giving off all kinds of radiation. And that will get re-emitted in jets, sometimes highly energetic and collimated jets. It looks like a lightsaber from Star Wars that’s coming out of the black hole.

These giant lightsaber beams or accretion jets will shoot out from the black hole millions of miles through space. We will be burned if it cuts through us. Even if we escape the accretion jet just three days after the black hole devours Jupiter, it could reach the earth.

What If black hole got close to earth?

At first we will feel the effects of the black hole’s gravitational pull, like the effect the moon has on the earth only massively greater. We could get tremendous tides, tidal waves, tsunamis, basically washing over the continents.

The planet will twist and experience crustal stretching and tearing as the black hole approaches and its gravitational pull intensifies. There’d be earthquakes, there would be volcanoes on the scale of things we have never seen before.

It will get close enough to feast on our planet earth. Ultimately the atmosphere gets ripped completely off and the earth just gets pulled apart. It could devour our entire planet. Simply swallow it up, and there would be no earthly remains at all. This is what if supermassive black hole facing earth.

What if you get too close to a black hole?

This calamity will draw all humans who manage to survive into the black hole at an incredible rate of speed. If you get too close to a black hole or one gets too close to you, there’s a couple of things that could happen, and neither one of them are good.

Either it could rip you apart or it could suck you in. Your head will move faster towards the black hole as a result of the gravitational pull of the object, which will become incredibly strong both globally and locally as you get closer to it. Quicker than your feet. You’ll get stretched like spaghetti.

As you’re falling in any human who miraculously survives will find themselves in the weirdest place in the universe beyond anything we are capable of imagining. Mathematicians refer to this point as a singularity, where existence itself is redefined and where all logic as we know it ends.

One reason why we think black holes are mind bendingly strange is that they have this thing called an event horizon, which if you cross it, good luck. You’ll never going to get out. Then you’re going to meet a singularity right smack at the center of this black hole. And some of us believe that the very laws of physics itself break down.

The role of space and time actually gets swapped. What you call time when you cross the event horizon, that becomes space and then space becomes time. You would exist forever. Immortal, but trapped in another dimension.

There is hope for the earth and humanity

But even in the event of a black hole entering our solar system, there is hope for the earth and humanity. Paradoxically, escaping from the annihilation of our sun might be possible. The sun’s not going to go quietly. It’s pretty big and has a lot of mass itself.

In a battle between the sun and a black hole. There can only be one possible outcome. Eventually the black hole will win and will devour the sun. But in the havoc caused by the destruction of the sun, the earth could escape its gravitational moorings and be flung from the solar system to begin a lonely journey through the galaxy.

Scientists at NASA are hopeful that the recently found black hole will pass by our solar system unharmed. If not, the only option for us is to survive underground while our planet hurls through the void of space.

Maybe one day to travel to a another solar system, enter its orbit, and settle on a planet around an alien star.

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