What is Perihelion and Aphelion?

We all know that the planets in our solar system move around the sun in their own orbits. This movements of planets around the Sun is controlled by the gravity force. The perihelion is the point in the orbit of a planets or asteroids which is closest to the Sun. And opposite to that Aphelion is a point in plant’s orbit where the planets is farthest from the Sun. Perihelion and aphelion both points present in every planet’s orbit.

What is perihelion and aphelion
What is Perihelion and Aphelion

What is Perihelion and Aphelion?

As we all know that the earth moves around the sun in its elliptical orbit. As above image there are two points in the earth’s orbit. The distance between the Sun and the Earth is the smallest when the Earth reaches Perihelion point in its orbit around the Sun. Perihelion day is on 3rd or 4th January. On this day the distance between earth and sun is minimum. Earth’s perihelion occurs on 3rd or 4th January when Earth is approximately 147 million kilometers away from the Sun.

Aphelion is the point of the orbit when the distance of Earth from the Sun is greatest. Aphelion is just opposite of the perihelion. Earth’s aphelion is occurs on July 4th. On reaching this point Earth is almost 152 million kilometers away from the Sun. Each planets in solar system have their own Perihelion and Aphelion points.

Last Perihelion occurred on 4th January 2023 and last Aphelion occurs on 6th July 2023.

Future Perihelion & Aphelion Dates

20234th Jan 2023147,098,925 km6th July 2023152,093,251 km
20243rd Jan 2024147,100,632 km5th July 2024152,099,968 km
20254th Jan 2025147,103,686 km4th July 2025152,087,738 km
20263rd Jan 2026147,099,894 km6th July 2026152,087,774 km
20273rd Jan 2027147,104,592 km5th July 2027152,100,481 km

Did You Know?

  • The word Perihelion and Aphelion is derived from ancient Greek language. In Greek language peri means near, apo means far and helios means Greek god of the Sun. These words are used for astronomy to refer the nearest and farthest points of the orbit of any object which is moving around the Sun.
  • The distance between the Sun and Earth is minimun on January 3rd
  • The day 3rd or 4th January is known as Perihelion of Earth.
  • On reaching perihelion point the Earth is about 147.5 million km away from the Sun.
On which day is the Earth at its minimum distance from the Sun?

Perihelion day is on 3rd or 4th January each year during which the Earth is on its minimum distance from the Sun.

What is the shortest distance from the Sun to the Earth?

When Earth reaches on Perihelion point, It is closest to the Sun and the distance between Sun and the Earth is 147.5 million kilometers.

On which day Earth is at maximum distance?

On July 5th or July 6th the Earth is at maximum distance from the Sun. Earth is about 152 million kilometer away from the Sun.

What is the date of aphelion?

Next Aphelion will be on 5th July 2024.

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